Alki Beach ✨


How's it going? How was your Monday? Mine was beautiful! The last three days Seattle was blessed with some sunshine and blue skies! Moments like these are one of the reasons why I love living in Seattle!!

Today was incredible because I could see the Olympic Mountains to the west, the Cascade Mountains to the east and even Mt Rainier to the south! The visibility was probably more than 100 miles. If I had gone up to the Columbia Tower, then I would probably see Mt. Baker to the north and maybe some other mountain to the south, maybe Mt. Hood? Who knows!! I saw from someone's feed in Instagram (or maybe in Twitter...) that they saw Mt. Rainier from Portland, OR. That's some distance!!

Anyways, I invited my good friend, Shimoko for a walk around Alki Beach today with her son, Alex. I think I might have mentioned Alex before...he's such a cutie!!

So, I went to pick up both of them then we stopped by H-mart to get some kimbap (requested by Shimoko) and something to drink. We got the crab and vegetable kimbap, and two Mogu Mogu Apple flavor drinks (which was really good!!!). After H-mart, we drove about 20 miles south towards Alki Beach.

I have no been to Alki Beach in a looooooong time. I don't even remember who I went with but I'm definitely sure I haven't there for the last 6-7 years since I've been with Cory. He doesn't really like that particular area because of the bridge...

Anyways, if you're local to Seattle, you know that Alki Beach is a great place for a walk, bike, rollerblade, see the view. For example:

Today was especially sunny...barely any clouds in the sky...

Just clear, blue...

I tried to soak in as much sun as I can because, in the next couple of days, it's going to rain until Friday. So, they say...

But Seattle's weather is constantly changing so I'm optimistic that we'll have another sunny day like today soon!!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and have a good evening!